Gabrielino Indian Sues The Bureau Of Indian Affairs, Again!

For over six years I’ve done extensive research on the records created by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. During the last four years, when I started researching the families affected by tribal disenrollment, the BIA began to act in a spirit of non-cooperation and non-transparent under my Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) Requests.

In my research of families affected with unjust tribal disenrollment, the inconsistencies exist mostly not by the genealogy of the family in question, however, in the actions of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and in most cases, by the tribal councils.

In my extensive research at the National Archives and thru FOIA,  I’ve been able to confirm the conflict of interest between BIA and some California Indian Tribes. To name a few, those tribes include Jamul, Pala, San Pasqual, Pechanga, Hopland, Ione.

In my most recent Complaint I discuss this in further detail.

To read the Complaint please click here


Emilio Reyes descends from the Gabrielino Tongva Tribe. Emilio is the founder of Stop Tribal Genocide, a movement dedicated in promoting Native American rights. Genealogist and Researcher specializing in Native American family lines.

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