Kaya Jones: The “Apache” Native American Ambassador For Trump

On December 8, 2017, Kaya Jones, a Canadian-American pop singer and alleged former member of the Pussycat Dolls; made a Twitter announcement that left Indian Country in complete shock.

According to Kaya Jones Tweet; Jones was very excited to announce that she was placed on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump as the Native American Ambassador.

Further, Jones stated she was proud to ‘represent’ her heritage in helping with outreach.

Just recently though, Jones tweeted an image using a choker stating: “Proud half Apache Native American. #Geronimo for God and Country.”

Many citizens of different tribal nations started questioning Jones identity and was demanded to provide information on her “Native identity” claims. Jones response was that she did not know the name of the reservation her father lived on, and was still researching and looking for answers.


Now Indian Country questions what is the purpose of the Trump administration and the “Native American Ambassador.”

Here’s what was tweet on Kaya Jones:

Even Jones Wikipedia page was edited to reflect her “identity claims:”

After extensive talk on social media, assistance was offered to verify Jones claims. Including apologies if Jones provided documentation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs:

Long after Jones identity claims, there’s been no documents or information showed to the public to substantiate her claims, but in fact, goes around the question and continues to ask for an opportunity to share her story.

11 thoughts on “Kaya Jones: The “Apache” Native American Ambassador For Trump”

  1. We are still waiting for your proof of heritage. If there IS none, at least have the courage to admit it and TELL US WHAT YOU ARE DOING or PLAN TO DO TO REPRESENT MY PEOPLE?

  2. Who is your Father? Which band of Apaches is he with? Who are his parents? If he is full Apache he should have a CDIB CARD!
    I’m Apache and I can prove my heritage. I know my Ancestors Names. I will not put which tribe I am affiliated with for, you may try to steal the band just like you have stolen the name “APACHE”and you don’t even know which Band of Apaches you come from. You don’t speak for Native Americans and never will. Get a life and it is not with The Native Americans!!!

  3. Throughout the existence of Native people,there have always been those who lived in the shadows. The elders knew who we were, our people knew who were, through our features & our ways.
    If she does have Apache blood,she should resign this position, & go about learning about who her ancestors were before stepping out this way.

  4. Im North American First Nations, and I had to prove my First Nation Heritage to get my status card. Why should malibu barbie be treated any differently than ALL the rest of us with Native Blood that had to prove and still have to prove we are Indiginous Peoples. AND there are several fair skinned First Nations people on my Reserve myself included. I call bullshit unless she can produce GENUINE proof of her bloodline not some gov fabricated back story nonsence.

  5. Maybe Kaya Jones’ father was a Hobbiest from Dallas. As a teen in the 60s and 70s, nonNative Angloes, known as Hobbiest, would dress up and either attend regular pow wows or have their own. Don’t know why…?? Since her dad’s “reservation” never really existed that’s why it disappeared. Who would have guessed that we’d be relying on paper documentation?

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